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Decorate Your Home

empty room with a blue lamp and chair and a white side table with a plant on it

The decor of your home should reflect who you are, but it can be difficult to find a good way to decorate. In this week’s Charlotte Woods Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions on themes that you can decorate your Charlotte, NC apartment with to give it that additional personality.


Do you ever look at your home and think that you have too many things? If so, minimalism might be the decorating theme you should adopt. Minimalism focuses on remove any excess from your life so you can focus on the truly important things, and that can translate well to how you decorate your home. Invest in pieces of furniture that double as storage to store any loose items. Also, remove any unnecessary items from your apartment. Opt for neutral colors in your home, make sure your home is clutter free, and try not to accumulate more than is necessary!


Many people want their homes to be cozy and they wish to come back to a place that’s welcoming and warm. Going for a rustic decorating theme focuses heavily on a woody feel and farmhouse inspired furniture. If you aren’t too fond of the rustic theme, you can try hygge — a danish word used to describe a feeling of being cozy. Homes decorated with hygge in mind use furniture and items like blankets and wood by a fireplace to inspire that cozy feeling.


If the previous two themes didn’t strike your fancy, you can try to find a theme that works well for your personality. If you are a fan of superheroes, you can find decorations that highlight your love for them! The internet is full of websites and boutiques where you can purchase any decor for your home that will highlight your personality. If you’re unsure how to decorate your home, try to draw inspiration from any HGTV (home and garden television) shows.