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Do you ever feel like you spend too much time on your phone? A majority of people have become dependent on their phones and find it difficult to pry themselves away, even for a moment. In this week’s Charlotte Woods Blog, we’re sharing with you a few ways that you can disconnect to more fully enjoy your summer!


Limit Technology in the Bedroom

We use technology so much during the day, using our phones to contact friends, a computer at work, and even the television while we’re at home. The bedroom should be a place that is free of those distractions, especially when we’re attempting to sleep. How many times have you stayed up later than you should have due to you being on your mobile device? If you use your phone as an alarm, you can charge your phone at a location away from your bedside.


Leave it at Home

If you’re headed out on a date, or out with friends, you can consider leaving your phone at home. We use our phones as a means of emergency communication and to keep updated with the people who truly matter in our lives, but when it’s distracting you from spending time with the people you’re with, it might be the wisest thing to leave it at home. This tip works well when you are traveling with someone with whom you’re close to, like a significant other. When you leave your phone at home, message the important people beforehand letting them know where they can reach you if they really need to contact you.


Phone Stacks

This is a fun game that you can play with your friends to help remove the distraction of mobile devices. Each person at the dinner table puts their phone in a stack in the middle of the table. The goal is to not touch the phone until the end of the meal. This way, you’re less tempted to use your phone and be distracted since it’s not in your hand, but in the middle of the table where everyone can see you reaching for it. You can make it more interesting by assigning consequences to the first person who reaches for their phone, like making them pay for the entire bill!


Let us know if we missed any crucial tips on disconnecting by leaving a comment for our Charlotte, NC apartment community!