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Give Service This November

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Though November is the month most closely associated with Thanksgiving, it can be a perfect time to give some service to those less fortunate than you. In this week’s Charlotte Woods Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions for ways you can provide service this November here in Charlotte, NC.

Rake Some Leaves

Since it’s fall, the leaves are going to fall. Though you live in an apartment community, you may know someone who has a home that needs raking. Take some time to help a family you know rake some leaves or someone elderly who’s incapable of doing it for themselves. Whether you’re offering directly or doing it in secret, providing this service will be beneficial for others and you can know you’ve done something good for someone else.

Bake Cookies for Your Neighbors

This may not seem like the greatest form of service, but baking some cookies for your neighbors is a small gesture to let them know you care. Identifying neighbors who may be experiencing hardships can be difficult, but keep an ear out for any news so you can bless their lives with some sweet treats! You don’t even need a reason to bake cookies for your neighbors, as it is a good way to get to know them better and to build that relationship.

Soup Kitchen

Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, soup kitchens will end up getting busy. Volunteering at a soup kitchen is a great way to give back to your community and help others in need. It can also open your eyes to the different hardships others go through. What better way to give thanks this Thanksgiving season than by giving back to those who have less than you?

Do you have any ways you like to give service? Let us know by leaving a comment below!