Host a Bonfire

people around a fire in the woods with a starry night sky showing

The evenings here in Charlotte, NC are nice and warm, perfect for gathering around a bonfire! Take advantage of the nice weather before the summer ends to spend a night around a bonfire with friends. In this week’s Charlotte Woods Blog, we’ve gathered a few tips for you to help you get out of your apartment and host a better bonfire.


If you’re the one organizing the bonfire, communication will be your greatest ally. Letting your guests know the place and time of your event is crucial to the success of your bonfire. Communicate to your guests if they need to bring anything and how they can contribute. Don’t let yourself be in charge of everything, as that might put unnecessary amounts of stress on you.


Don’t let your guests go hungry. Bring some snacks along with you or invite your guests to bring their favorite bonfire snack. Hot dogs are a good option for a more filling fireside food, and s’mores are a bonfire classic! If those are too boring for you, you can try bringing some starburst to roast over the fire; doing this turns a classic candy into a decadent fireside treat!


Enjoying a nice night by the fire can be rewarding in itself, but if you’re looking for a form of entertainment we suggest bringing a Bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy some music. Don’t have access to a speaker? Bring along some musical instruments. You can sing the night away with music everyone knows. Stay away from entertainment that involves any roughhousing or overt physical activity. Since you’re a by a fire, there’s a possibility of injury, so be careful!

Be sure to clean up after your group when the night is through. Bring extra trash bags to facilitate a quicker cleanup! Leave the bonfire location better than you found it, and don’t forget to put out any remaining embers so you prevent any potential forest fires!

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