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Show You Care: Suggestions from Charlotte Woods

opening a letter with fir branches and pine cones nearby

December is the season of giving, and many people choose to participate by giving gifts. Giving is meant to be a way for you to show your care for others. Gifts are a great way to express that, however, they aren’t the only way. In this week’s Charlotte Woods Blog, we’ve got a few ways you can show others you care this December. Since gifts are a cultural staple for the holidays, you may not want to skip them, but try out these other ways as well!

Write a Letter

Sometimes a gift isn’t enough to express your gratitude to a loved one. Take some time to write them a thoughtful, personal letter. If they’ve done something to garner your thanks, use the letter as an opportunity to thank them for what they’ve done. These letters don’t have to be in response to something done for you, in fact, it will have more of an impact if you were to send a heartfelt letter to them just because you care about them.

Present a Baked Treat

December is the time for baked goods and sweets! Treat your loved ones to some homemade baked goods as a token of your love and appreciation! If at all possible, make their favorite treats. This small gesture may not seem like much, but it can let your friends and family know that you’re thinking about them and went out of your way to bake them something delicious!

Spend Time Together

As great as gifts and a letter are, nothing shows people you care more than spending time with them. Life can get busy, but as you make time for your friends and family, you can build upon the relationships you already have and forge stronger bonds. Coordinate with your loved ones to make sure that they’ve allotted time in their schedule to spend with you. Do something fun or spend the time talking and catching up. No matter what you do, ensure that your attention is directed at them, and not pulled away by your devices or other distractions.

Do you have any ways that you show someone you care? Let our Charlotte, NC apartment community know of them by leaving a comment!