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Thanksgiving Tips from Charlotte Woods

Thanksgiving dinner on the table

Thanksgiving is on the 22nd of November! Whether you’re going to a family member’s home or hosting your own Thanksgiving dinner, it can be a difficult day to endure. In this week’s Charlotte Woods Blog, we’ve got a few tips for you on how to have a great time and survive the day.

Eat Slow

Is sitting on the couch after eating your Thanksgiving meal a yearly occurrence? Overeating is common when there’s a feast put out, but we suggest eating slow. Often times, we eat too much because we are too focused on eating and end up eating too quickly. Instead of focusing on your food, take the time to make conversation with the people sitting beside you and catch up with friends and family.

Arrive Early

Being punctual for a day of food and family is important! Your host will have spent a large portion of their day preparing food so be courteous to them and arrive early so everyone can eat on time. If you arrive early enough and the food isn’t finished, you can help your host in adding finishing touches to the dishes and getting the home ready for other guests!


Have a more enjoyable time at your Thanksgiving meal by talking and reminiscing with your family and friends! Doing so will lighten the mood and create a more relaxed atmosphere when everyone is laughing and joking around. Use the time to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while! Since it’s Thanksgiving, you can go around the table and amongst your friends and say what you’re thankful for!

Do you have any tips for surviving a crazy Thanksgiving? If you do, let our Charlotte, NC apartment community know of them by leaving a comment for us! Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving!